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Classic Espresso Machines


Espresso Machine Classics is all about sharing the beauty and craftsmanship of these vintage espresso machines with the world.  Please contact me if you would like to host an exhibition of these rare vintage espresso makers in your area. 

Considering buying a vintage Gaggia or a classic Faema for your own home or business?  Well look no further that Daniel Di Paolo's collection.  You can buy any machine in the collection, we just ask that you do your homework, then make a reasonable offer.  There are many classic espresso machines available with a starting price of AU $5,000, for your basic machine.


Classic Espresso Machines - Timeline

1884 - Moriondo - New steam machinery for the economic ...
1901 - Bezzara - Tipo Gigante
1905 - La Pavoni - Ideale
1905 - Victoria Arduino
1935 - Gaggia - Spagna
1947 - Faema - Mercurio
1948 - Gaggia - Classica
1950 - Gaggia - Esportazione

Gaggia-Esportazione-1950s.jpgThis 2 group model was exported world wide, often referred to as the sardine can because of its shape.  There are very few of the  1 group model in existence, because of the low production numbers.  This is one of the first Gaggia machines ever made.








1950 - La San Marco - Lollobrigida

la-San-Marco-Lollabrigida-1950.jpgThis classic espresso machine was named after the famous actress gina Lollabrigida because of its vivacious curves, the machine is highly sought after given its unique design.











1952 - Faema - Marte

Faema-Marte-1950s.jpgThe Faema Marte was named after the planet Mars, the design was based on the front grill of a 1950's buick.















1952 - Carimali - Murano Crystal

Carimali-Murano-Crystal-1952.jpgMade from the famous murano crystal produced in venice the machine is very unique in design.












1952 - Gaggia - Spagna

Gaggia-1950s-Spagna.jpgThe machine was bought in venezula , South Amercia. often called the luxurious model because of the gold trimmings.













1952 - Faema - Nettuno
1953 - La San Marco - Disco Volante
1955 - Rancillio - Preziosa

Rancilio-Preziosa-1955.JPGVery few in existence because of low production numbers. This one was found here in Melbourne.














1955 - Gaggia - Internazionale

Gaggia-1950s-front.jpgThis is the Gaggia International 1 group, only 50 ever made and probably 10 in existence in the world.  Highly sought after.
















1955 - Astoria - Eureka

Astoria-Eureka-1950s.jpgThis machine was brought to Australia and operated in a cafe in Cooma, supplying espresso coffee to the European migrants working on the Snowy Mountain Scheme.










1955 - Brugnetti - Aurora

Brugnetti-Aurora-1955.jpgBought at a flea market in the north of italy.













1956 - La Pavoni - Concorso

la-Pavoni-Concorso-1950s-side.jpgOne of the most collectible machines notably because of its design and the relation the famous architect Gio Ponti had with the pavoni company.












1957 - Sputnik

la-pavoni-sputnik-1950s.jpgThis machine was originally named fiesta but because of its unusual shape was later changed to Sputnik.  It was originally produced for the golden fleece petrol stations.  Only 50 were ever made.















1957 - Gaggia - Montecarlo
1958 - Cimbali - Gran Luce
1959 - Gaggia - America
1962 - Faema -Venere

Faema-Venere-1962.jpgNamed after the planet Venus, there were very few ever made, it was more of a domestic machine. In existence, only 5 left in the world.















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